Our Company

MCtechnics is a family-owned distributor of raw materials, equipment and accessories for the composite industry in Benelux. MCtechnics provides its customers with fast and efficient delivery of the composite products they need while providing expert advices on any composite material or technique.

With more than 10.000 references from over 70 suppliers, our warehouse maintains inventories of all materials necessary for composite manufacturing.

The company traces its origins back to 1970. It was then serving the foundry sector and was called ‘Moulding and Casting Technics’ before the company name was contracted to MCtechnics. Although our portfolio has been enlarged to and refocusing on composites, we remain faithful to our origins and still serve the foundry market.

In 2012, MCtechnics merged with Netherlands-based Brands giving birth to the premier distributor of composite materials and equipment in Benelux. Our enlarged team of 17 persons - of which 6 technical experts -, our R&D lab and our training facilities enable us to create success and value for our clients.

« MCtechnics provides a level of expertise and professionalism both in composite knowledge and customer service. It has been a pleasure working with them for the last 15 years. » 

Paul-Henri Allard - ACS (Seneffe, Belgium)

In 2016, MCtechnics joined Groupe Gazechim. With the integration of MCtechnics within Groupe Gazechim, our customers do benefit from the expertise of an enlarged technical team with in-depth knowledge and experience, a larger product portfolio with a broad range of manufacturers represented and best proposals thanks to the leverage of our stronger relationship with our suppliers. Owned totally by Groupe Gazechim, MCtechnics s.p.r.l. is now the Benelux operating legal entity of the Group with central warehouse and strengthened Technical, Sales and Customer Service teams in Visé, Belgium and Stellendam, The Netherlands. All former Gazechim Benelux composite thermoset activities have been smoothly integrated under MCtechnics for the greater benefits of the Clients.