After a long period of successful cooperation with Sicomin, MCtechnics’ distribution territory is enlarged to the entire Benelux area.

Sicomin is a leading formulator and manufacturer of advanced epoxy systems. Sicomin formulates both highly specialised, custom made epoxies and off the shelf solutions.

With one of the largest ranges of epoxy systems and advanced composite materials on the market today, Sicomin offers among others:

  • Greenpoxy, an epoxy resin systems based for 50% on bio raw materials, which gives the opportunity to create bio-based composites in combination with natural fibres and sandwich materials.
  • Epoxy systems for hand lay-up and Infusion which offer the possibility to adjust curing times with two different hardeners, TG till maximum 200 degrees are available.
  • Glassfibre with drinkable water approval ,the only one in Europe.
  • High transparent epoxy resins, SR GLASSCLEAR , for the production of surfboards which offer a very high transparency when laminated on EPS FOAM.
  • SR TOPCLEAR, a unique coating based on PU /EPOXY system giving a very smooth surface, self-leveling, cured in 15 minutes and UV resistant. This coating is also used to fill pinholes in carbon fibre parts.
  • Fire resistant epoxy systems with certificates for transport, building and aerospace industries.
  • Epoxy adhesives, lightweight, filled with aluminum or fibres, as well as specialties giving a good adhesion on wet surfaces .
  • Elastic epoxy systems which are used in composites who are used in high impact applications, like bumpers of cars or bottom plates of rally cars.
  • SLATEX, a resin which is used to pour surfboard fins and climbing grips.
  • Epoxy foams with different densities from 170 kg/m3 up to 570kg/m3, also available in an intumescent fire retardant version. These systems are used to fill hollow spaces, production of rudder blades, surfboards and other 3 D shapes where stiffness and speed of production are important. Special types for application on humid surfaces are available.
  • CAST CLEAR, high transparent pouring system with high surface quality, used to obtain a high gloss surface on tables and other products.
  • Epoxy resins which can be used in difficult circumstances such as low temperatures, humid environment and under water repair.

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